Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Me : We should call the Hamster Ball Tank the Bat Ball.
Foot : But all Batman's gadgets have to be shaped like bats.
Me : That's not true, the Tumbler and the Bat pod arent shaped like bats.
Kyle : But he didn't build it, the other dude built it. 
Me : Oh yeah. Come to think of it, the new batman doesn't even use anything that is shaped like a bat anymore. He didn't even have the Batarang.
Foot : No, but he had the stars that we're shaped like bats.
Me : You mean the blades that came out of his arm?
Kyle : No the ones that he threw and got lodged into the wall. 
Me : Oh yeah. 
Foot : They didn't "arang", but they were shaped like bats.
Kyle & Me : *laughter* "arang"... good one foot.

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