Thursday, July 17, 2008


Dinh Long Thai: lol
Mark Lan: what about that tarantinos place you mentioned?
Mark Lan: we should go somewhere new
Mark Lan: fresh
Mark Lan: we keep hitting up the same old places. i'm getting that no so fresh feeling
Mark Lan: haaaha
Dinh Long Thai: you should shower!
Mark Lan: i do
Dinh Long Thai: taratino's is good
Mark Lan: once a month
Dinh Long Thai: small
Dinh Long Thai: dont forget to squirt some soap up your ass!
Dinh Long Thai: clean out your soul!
Mark Lan: haaaha
Mark Lan: weirdo
Dinh Long Thai: gaylord!


Dinh said...

Yeah I'm a funny guy!

Dave said...

hmmm, maybe I should try that too...