Monday, June 15, 2009

A plate of Anchor Bar

The real deal. How does it rate compared to our current favorite wingstop? Better. The wings are plump and juicy, unlike Wingstop's fried to a crisp all the way through method.

The Anchor Bar hot sauce is a mild version of the Wingstop atomic. It has the same black pepper cayenne taste. Heat is slightly hotter than Wingstop's hot. Which is what we kinda want, without going atomic.
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JeepGuy said...

I ran across this comment and my jaw dropped that someone would even post this, do you work for the Anchor bar?. I have been to Buffalo every year for the Wing fest, Wingstop had a LINE across center field every year they have attended, Anchor bar was walk up/walk away any time fo the day. I wish Wingstop would come back again, but after winning damn near every category why would they i guess. If Anchor Bar didnt "invent" the chciken wing, it wouldnt even be on the map outside of Buffalo. Bottom line is that Wingstop is the bomb!

lysinewf said...

Out of sheer curiosity, how did you even stumble upon this in the first place? It's usually really dead around these parts. :)

But anyway, I preface this with the fact that I do not work for Anchor Bar or any purveyor of wings.

Perhaps you can blame it on the fact that something different is more exciting. I've been eating wingstop for so long, a little strange seemed like a good change of pace.

I happen to enjoy the juxtaposition of crispy outside and moist flesh on the inside.

A common complaint of the people I tend to eat wings with is the fact that Wingstop's hot is not quit hot enough for us, while atomic is just a bit too uncomfortable at times.

We usually order the cajun; it's a better sauce than the Anchor Bar sauce; and wish it was just a little hotter. In this regard, Anchor Bar seems to have hit the spot with a slightly less hot atomic. At least for me.

It really depends on what mood I'm in. If I want something really vinegary and cajunny, Wingstop wins. If I'm craving for the flavor of Atomic without the after effects on my colon. Anchor Bar comes out on top.

Popular choice does not account for individual taste, and while you may disagree, I prefer a slightly less fried wing. There is space in the world for all degrees of fried. Minus of course the terrible Dominos, soggy skin stuff.

Ultimately, I don't have much of a choice since the only purveyor of wings for the connoisseur in my town, is Wingstop. So that is where we go. Once a week, every week. Almost without fail.