Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes Android is a piece of shit...

Woke up today, phone was working fine, got a few new apps. Went to Anaheim, halfway through the day, phone said no service. Hmmm ok... not a big deal. 8 hours later, still no service. Hmmm.... someone else had full service. Tried to power cycle phone... wouldn't shut down. Had to yank battery.... Android is a pile of crap.


Lososaurus said...

Ease off the haterade dude.

lysinewf said...

Also, sometimes going into gallery it will think I have no pictures. Even after previously having gone into gallery and it seeing my pictures.

Additionally, sometimes after taking a picture, gallery wont see said picture, until after I reset the phone.

I've had less problems in my 2 years with the Nokia N82, than the nexus in 2 months.