Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HTC did right by me

And now it's time for me to do right by them.

While launching an EECB ( Exeutive Email Carpet Bomb ) is not always pertinent, and in fact is a little stronghanded. It is sometimes a good way to get the desired result. Here is some background.

My Nexus One, was having intermittent problems with vibrate function. I initially thought it was software, and reset the unit over and over again, and over the course of a month I would get messages that would show up, and sometimes the unit wouldn't vibrate. Haptic feedback would sometimes just stop working, but a reset always seemed to fix it. Until one day, a reset( including battery removal) didn't fix it, but the next reset did.

I eventually tracked it down to the vibration unit being faulty. The clue was the bootup sequence not vibrating once. That immediately left me with a sense of dread. If I jiggled the phone a little, it would start vibrating again. Then sometimes it would stop. Aha! Finally, found the problem. Unfortunately, by now it was 6 days out of warrranty.

So I called tech support, and they forwarded me to repairs, which would not budge on the warranty date. That's ok, asked for supervisor. Again no dice. I asked nicely, please, it's 6 days. It was really hard to track down. Still no dice.

Out of options, I sent an EECB, just asking for a warranty repair. It was an intermittent problem, that was hard to track down, and was failing slowly, one little vibrate at a time.

2 days later, 3 separate reps call me to fix my phone under warranty. The fedex label is sitting on my desk. I'm waiting till tomorrow to package the phone to send it to the service center. I also need to charge the old N82.

Thank you HTC, for making me a proud day one owner of a Nexus One.

P.S. If you make a vanilla android device using Nvidia's Tegra 2. I will buy it. First day. No question.

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