Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some audio madness

I just found the most awesome command line utility for audio processing. EVER! SoX.

I don't think I'll ever need anything other than this and batch files to do transcoding of audio or even batch processing of audio ever again. GUI's are nice and all, but nothing beats command line apps!

Also, another wav editor instead of audacity which people seem to have many complaints about. Wavosaur.

And lastly, for those musicians out there. LMMS. A Digital Audio Workstation app that now finally has windows support. Awesome!

Here is a sample batch file that you can put inside your SoX folder :

FOR %%G IN (%1\*.wav) DO (
    sox %%G "temp.wav" rate -v 8000
    del %%G
    move temp.wav %%G

I would use this for downsampling 44khz audio recordings to 8k for the Wii Remote. i.e. Lit's phone calls. It's destructive since it converts in place, so make sure your audio is under version control!