Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was bored. So here is what I made.

VSPTree is a graphical tool for the Visual Studio 2008 Standalone Profiler. It is named so because it gives you a tree view of the calltree generated from VSP files generated by the profiler.

Project page is Here.


Shane said...

wtb screenshots

Unknown said...

I wouldn't recommend that anyone try to use VSPTree. The change environment variable change stopped my installation of visual studio from working.

James Chan said...

Not sure how you got it to do that.

The only environment variable I change is PATH and that only happens local to the process that is launched. It's not even a permanent change.

If you're talking about _NT_SYMBOL_PATH according to

You don't have to set it if you're using VS. Since VS provides the symbols. You only set it if you don't have VS installed. VSPTree does not do this automatically. The documentation says do not set if using VS Express because I assume that you won't be using this if you have VS Pro because the profiling functionality is built in.

The original reference information is from

It's how you tell the profiler where to get the MS debug symbols.

However, if you don't need to profile stuff that is actually happening in windows core. You should unset _NT_SYMBOL_PATH. At least according to this guy.

Simply deleting the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH envar is all you need to do to clear it.

Either way, I doubt your broken visual studio was caused by anything VSPTree is doing.