Sunday, June 7, 2009

Angeles Crest and Newcombs Ranch Inn

Just a couple of photos from Newcombs Ranch Inn on the Angeles Crest Hwy. Lots of bikes up there. Saw a Hayabusa, lots of Ducati's, couple of awesome Triumphs, Audi S5. I was the only Evo. An STI passed by along with an Exige in yellow and a 08 M3 in white. They make a fantastic tasting chili. Note to self : Go easy on the coffee next time I'm there.

There were a few accidents up the road pass Newcombs but I didn't go up that far on the way to Wrightwood. Apprently someone went over the railing. Saw the medevac helicopter. Road wasn't too busy, and most everyone pulled over to the side when I was behind them, except for 1 stupid van. Even I pulled over to the side for the bikes.

Will this be a regular Sunday thing? Maybe. Shane you need to take the 135 up.
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AJ said...

Hey do you know who the photographer was on the way up to Newcombs? He was snapping photos of the cars and bikes hitting a turn. Can't find him anywhere on google.

Anonymous said... should be the photographers site your looking for, so awesome i type in newcombs ranch on google and the first photo i see is my hypermotard in a shot