Monday, September 21, 2009

The Epic NY Trip Day 3

The day has finally arrived. Time to go home. I sleepily awake at 8:30, get ready, pack my bags and leave the house with Robyn to head to the Serious Eats office. I leave my stuff there and head out to roam the city one last time. On the menu for the day was, a slice of famous NY pizza. Other than that, I planned to eat whatever I was in the mood for.

First thing on today's menu. Chicken on a stick. It was delicous. What a great way to start the day.

Chicken Kebab

First stop, the B&H Superstore. The wonderland for photo and video equipment. That place is insane. There is so much gear everywhere. I simply followed to signs to the photography section and got in the SLR camera line. There is an LCD screen in the line that tells you what counter to go to when you get to the front of the line. You basically tell him what you want and he brings it to you so you can test it out on your camera. Awesome! I tried a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 and was rather impressed with the image quality, but the construction felt terrible. Zoom ring was .... janky. It was cheap though. 399.


I'm in!

SLR Heaven...

They also have a used section and I looked around for some lenses there, but he didn't really have anything that I wanted. So I left B&H, but bought a pair of earbuds on the way out, just to see what the buying process was like. It's rather interesting. You tell the guy what you want. He generates a purchase ticket for you, and puts what you bought on a conveyor belt and it gets carried to the pickup section of the store. You pay at the cashier with your purchase ticket, and you get a pickup ticket so collect your stuff later. Kinda kewl.

I roamed the streets for a while after, Juice was not able to meet me for lunch today. So I went to NY Pizza Suprema as per Robyn's recommendation to get a slice. And oh what a slice it was. Crispy crust, mildly chewy, fresh mozarella and basil. Lightly sauced, just enough to keep it moist and give it flavor but not overpowering anything else.

Mozarella & Basil Pizza NY Suprema

NY Suprema

After pizza, there was again nothing to do but walk around for a while longer and do some street photography.

He kinda looks like a hollow...

Of course he plays a Gibson...

Big Brother is watching.

Stealth Shot!

I wonder if she has different headphones for different outfits...

I was kinda full, but chose to eat one last time because it was going to be along flight and I wouldn't get to eat again until 10 pm Pacific time. So... Kim Chee Fried Rice from Kofoo was the next thing on the menu. It tasted like. Kim Chee Fried Rice.... 'nuff said.

Koofoo Kim Chee Fried Rice

Now it was time to go home. I said my goodbyes to all my NY friends, and it was time to get back to Los Angeles.

The A Train going home...

Getting into the Evo never felt better.