Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Arrrgh.. I always make my life difficult

A long long time ago, before subversion edge and wandisco ubersvn, there was a time when we had to set up our own svn servers.

I started with the standard apache distro, added SSL, then SVN on top of that. It took me a few days the first try but it was good.

Then eventually I got tired of it, and moved to XAMPP + SVN. And this was good for a long time.

And then.. XAMPP started using VC9 as their compiler, while win32svn stayed with VC6. And things were not GOOD.

So now I have to use XAMPP, download WANDISCO's vanilla svn, rip out their .so's and dump them into XAMPP. Now all is well.

Also XP seems to barf on SSL connections with the win32svn distro. So use WANDISCO's or sliksvn for your binaries if you're still on XP and need SSL.