Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crappy documentation? Internet to the rescue

So through some amazing series of events, I broke the TeamCity installation.

Things weren't building. I thought it might be a bug, so maybe I'll try a newer version. The newer version needed an upgrade to the database so I said OK, but I made sure to back up first of course.

Lo and behold the new version did solve the old problem, but it presented a host of new ones! Basically made it unusable. Of course this was a beta build, but hey beta is the new GMC nowadays right? WRONG!

Oh well, time to uninstall and go back to the backup. Cue the 30 minutes I spend trying to figure out how in the world do I restore this backup!

The manual says :

Just do this!

maintainDB[cmd|sh] restore -F <TeamCity backup file name>

Error : config is not empty. Ok I'll delete that then.
run again
Error : system is not empty. Ok I'll empty that too!
run again.
Needs a target!

Wuh? That's the "Restoring Data from Backup to Another Database" instruction not the standard restore.

But no. It doesn't work. Ok, scrounge around a bit more....


Turns out you need to copy the out of the config directory in your backup zip first. Give that as the -T

And then everything gets restored. Then it gives you some instruction that says, you have to copy that file into system\
Did I? Nope. Did the restore work? Yes.

Bad documentation is bad.